Why you need to install Egress Windows in Michigan

Some people have never even heard of an egress window–that is until an
emergency when they need one. Egress windows are specifically designed to
make it both safe and easy to get out of a house if a fire breaks out or
other emergency happens that requires a quick escape.

There are certain requirements set forth by the International Residential
Code, as well as Michigan, that provide specs about the minimum height,
width, net clear opening, the way the window is opened, and maximum distance
from the floor. It’s a requirement that both newly-built and remodeled homes
to have at least one egress window.

Luckily, there are different functional yet attractive windows that can be
used to meet egress specifications, but also serve the needs of various home

There are three main types of egress windows:  1) Double Hung 2) Sliding 3)
Casement. All of these egress windows have one thing in common: they must
open at least 24 inches high, 20 inches wide, and have a clearance area of
5.7 square feet–the difference among the window styles is that their
overall dimensions are different and they operate by different mechanisms.

Double Hung Egress Window: This is a popular choice for many homes of the
past and current homes and don’t go out of style. These windows consist of
two sashes overlapping horizontally in the middle of the window, with the
bottom half opening upward. There is also a double hung style that operates
from top to bottom instead. The egress requirement specifies that the
opening pane must clear 24 inches from the top part of the window to bottom
and be at least 24 inches wide. Additionally, the entire window must be at
least 48 inches high (or larger).

Sliding Egress Window: these types of windows, like double hung, consist of
two separate sections but instead of opening up and down, operate from side
to side. They are similar to the operation of a sliding glass door that
moves along a track, a popular choice in many homes. The requirements for
egress sliding windows consists of opening to a width of at least 20 inches,
and having a minimum height of 41 inches. The total dimensions must be a
minimum of 40 inches wide.

Casement Egress Window: These types of windows operate by opening in or out
(similar to a door on a hinge movement). Casement windows can be controlled
two ways: either by a handle or pulled open using a rotating lever. These
type of egress windows are typically used in basement because of their small
size and opening out instead of sliding up or down. Their measurements can
be 24 inches by 34.2 inches wide, or conversely, 20 inches wide by 41 inches
high, The entire dimensions of the casement window also represent the egress

Finding the right style for your egress window and in the best space in your
home has never been easier–and can be a lifesaver in an emergency.


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