In some area of the country, this is fire season, and devastating fires have torched many homes.  In other areas, tornados have left destruction in their wake.  Still other areas have been deluged by floods. Whatever the type of threat your home faces, wherever you are from coast to coast or in Michigan, you need to be able to get out quickly, and you may not be able to leave by the front or back door.  That’s why you need to have exit basement windows, so you have a way to escape any kind of danger, when you can’t use your usual way of exiting the house.

Having an exit basement window can be literally a life or death matter in such an emergency when a regular exit is blocked.  For example, if flood waters start to come in through the front door on the main level, an egress window in the rear of your basement could be a real lifesaver. Likewise, if your house is suddenly engulfed by a fire in the kitchen from a pot left on the stove, your way out might be from the basement too.  Such windows might also be critical for you to escape robbers who break into your house by a window or the front door.  While they are breaking in or searching around your house, you can sneak downstairs and leave via an egress window in the basement.

There are some basic requirements for these windows to conform to local building codes, which your exit window provider will know about and follow. For example, these windows commonly have to be at least 20 by 24 inches wide and high and have an opening which is big enough so a person can crawl through.  You should also set up the window so anyone can open it without having a key or any tools, so it is easy to quickly get out, without having to search around for a key, hammer, wrench, or other tools to open the door.

If you do need such windows installed, do so as soon as you can, since an emergency can happen anytime. For assistance, you can call Emergency Windows at https://emergencywindows.com/


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