Egress Windows in Michigan

Egress Windows in Michigan

Having an egress window is in your house can be critical in an emergency when you have to get out, but you can’t use a regular exit.  For example, suppose a fire breaks out and the upstairs is engulfed in flames.  Then, a basement window could serve as your emergency road to getting out of the house.  These emergency windows can also be your route to safety in the event of some other crisis, such as an earthquake, tornado, or home invasion robbery. Though such events may be rare, the need for such a window is vital and could be the difference between lifeor death.

There are even building codes in many locations that require such windows.  Essentially, an egress window is designed to provide a way to exist a building in an emergency, and they must meet certain size and other requirements to qualify for this purpose.  For example, an egress window has to meet certain International Residential Code (IRC) criteria, which include being a minimum of 20 inches wide and 24 inches high, and having 5.0-5.7 minimum net clear opening, which is the window’s free and clear space when open, depending on whether the opening is on the ground floor or another floor.  This opening is necessary so a person can crawl through, and a person must be able to open the window without any tools or keys.

Commonly, according to the building codes, egress windows should be in all bedrooms on any floor and in the basement if anyone can live there.  But whether required or not, it makes sense to have a window that allows easy egress in the event of an emergency.  You will not only feel safer, but yourhome’s property value will be increased, because you already have these windows installed.  For example, if  you live in Michigan, check with your city about the applicable codes and check with a local real estate broker about the effect of having these windows on your property values.


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