Egress Windows All Year Round in Michigan

Egress Windows All Year Round in Michigan

During the winter, and especially during the holiday season, you might not be thinking about installing egress windows, which are designed to help you escape from your house in an emergency when you can’t use the front door.  But if you don’t already have egress windows installed, the winter can be an ideal to install them.  You might even think of installing these windows as your Christmas gift to yourself and your family, wherever you live, in the suburbs, town, or city, such as in Michigan.

Having these egress windows installed in the winter and during the holidays can be particularly important, because this is a time when people are more likely to be indoors because of the cold, and the holidays are a time for parties and celebration.  As a result, this can be a more dangerous time, though people don’t like to think about this.  That’s because using extra heat to keep warm could trigger an electrical outage or fire from a heater, or you might have lit candles around a room for a holiday party.  Then, should the heater or candles trigger a fire or set off a sprinkler system to douse the fire, this is a time you want to get out quickly.  In turn, installing egress windows can help you, your family and any guests in your house quickly escape if you can’t get out the front door.

Many companies, such as Emergency Windows ( in Michigan, will install these windows all year round, so you don’t have to wait to get these installed during the winter or over the holidays.  Such egress windows can be installed throughout your house, from the basement to the upper floors in the bedrooms and bathrooms. It could save the life of you, your family, and your guests, and you can do this now at any time.  So there’s no need to wait.  Put this on your holiday shopping list to do install these windows now.


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