Basement Egress Window Installation – Prepare for the winter Ann Arbor, Mi

  Emergency Egress, a basement egress window company located in Troy
Michigan can install a basement egress window in your home even in
the winter time. Most people think that the ground is frozen and that
a basement egress window cannot be installed in the winter time but
this is not the case. The ground is a little frozen at the surface
but because you have basement warmth close to the home the ground
does not freeze all the way. The basement egress window well
manufactured by either Boman Kemp, Rockwell, or Wellcraft only
projects about 36 inches from the foundation. The ground is easily
dug with the help of a mini excavator that is on rubber tracks and
does not damage the yard.
Secondly, most people believe that a large hole will be in their
basement where the window is to be installed and they are afraid that
a lot of heat will be lost and the house will get very cold. Again
this is not the case. Emergency egress only has a open hole to the
elements for about 20 minutes. Once the foundation concrete is cut
and removed the next step is to install the window and block the cold
from entering the home. The egress window, once it has been installed
is then insulated all around with Owens Corning insulation between
the window and the wood frame. Then additional foam insulation is
applied between the wood frame and the concrete foundation wall.
Finally the wood frame is flashed or covered with aluminum and a high
quality G E caulk is applied to totally seal out the elements. The
window well is installed and the well is back filled. The job, even
in the winter time is completed in only in one day.


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Basement egress window installed in basement of older home. Mike was very responsive and on time and performed the service without any problems.   Work completed: May 09, 2012 City:  Ann Arbor, Mi 48104
Graydon Krapohl